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Application for Travel Documents I-131

Re-entry Permit Refugee Travel Documents Advance Parole Documents

Re-entry Permit

A Re-entry Permit is applied by permanent residents or conditional residents, it is used to allow admission to the United States  upon returning from abroad, without the need to obtain a returning resident visa. For example if you or someone who is traveling abroad on a Green Card will be staying for more 8 months. A reentry permit will allow you to stay up to 2 years abroad and return to the U.S without any issue.


Refugee Travel Documents

A Refugee Travel Document is only issued to a person in valid refugee or asylee status, or to a permanent resident who obtained such status as a refugee or asylee in the United States. The Refugee Travel Document must be obtained by a person who holds asylee or refugee status and is planning to travel abroad. A Department of Homeland Security Office at the port of entry will determine your admissibility when you present your travel document.


Advance Parole Documents

The Advance Parole Document allows aliens to physically enter the U.S. Even after the issuance of the parole document, the “parolee” remains and applicant for admission at the time of entry.  DHS (Department of Homeland Security) may revoke or terminate your Advance Parole Documents at any time, including while you are outside of the U.S, in which case you will need to have a valid visa to return to the U.S. If you have applied for adjustment of status then you must apply for an Advance Parole Document, You will be deemed abandoned if you leave the U.S without that document.

General Question
Form I-131 is used to apply for any one of several types of travel documents.
For pricing and further assistance, please email us at immigration@syedpro.com or contact us via whatsapp through website or you can simply view our contact us page for further information on HOW TO CONTACT US. And an Immigration Assistant from our office will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you plan to leave and return to the United States while you are waiting for your green card, then you should apply for a travel permit otherwise the U.S. government may terminate your green card application.

We Help You Secure Re-entry Permit with Application For Travel Documents I-131

With Application For Travel Documents I-131, you can easily, securely and quickly acquire the necessary documentation to get your re-entry permit quickly and hassle-free.

Our Application For Travel Documents I-131 is designed to make filing a Re-entry Permit convenient. Developed by experienced professionals, the application streamlines the submission process with step-by-step instructions and clear guidance on any necessary paperwork. We make the application and submission process easy, by providing concise instructions and guiding users through any required forms in an efficient manner so that you can get your Re-entry Permit quickly and conveniently. Our experienced professionals provide clear guidance and streamlined instructions for filing the permit efficiently and quickly so that you can be home in a flash.

Preparation & Submission of Refugee Travel Documents

Have our professional team of refugee travel document specialists help you with the preparation and submission of your refugee travel documents to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free journey.

We do quick and efficient preparation of all the necessary documentation so that you can successfully obtain a refugee travel document tailored to your individual circumstances. We understand that time is precious for those seeking safe passage, and our expertise allows us to quickly provide assessments, paperwork preparation and submission.

We prioritize a seamless application process to provide you with peace of mind. Our experienced team is knowledgeable in the latest regulations and efficient document preparation, so that applications are complete and submitted without delay. We ensure all submissions meet the necessary requirements for successful outcomes, allowing those seeking safe passage an unobstructed journey through international borders.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced with the necessary documentation requirements needed for successful refugee travel document applications, ensuring that you’re provided with the expertise and personalized support needed in order to make each journey stress-free and efficient. Allow us to provide personalized guidance so that your submission meets any applicable governmental guidelines.

Preparing and Submitting Advance Parole Documents

Make the daunting process of preparing and submitting advance parole documents a breeze. Our service takes the hassle out of the process and helps you get everything done correctly and quickly.

Get your parole documents quickly and easily with us. We provide comprehensive services for document preparation, submission and tracking until your application is approved. Your documents will be handled efficiently – so you can focus on other important tasks!

Our experts simplify the process with their comprehensive knowledge and experience to ensure that your documents get submitted on-time. Streamline your application today with our professional assistance!

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