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Online Immigrant Visa Application
It is an electronic form to submit an application for a tourist visa and K-1 visa.

Application and Eligibility:

Form DS-160 is used by anyone willing to visit the United States either on tourist visa or K-1 fiancé visa. Everyone aged 16 or more needs to fill out their own separate form. The form should be filled in and submitted online. You’ll need to submit copies of your documents listed below:

• Passport

• Travel/Flight details

• Your National Identity number of your home country

• Social Security Number or U.S. Taxpayer ID

• Your travel history

• Any U.S. employment history

• Photo

  • General Question
Currently, processing times depends on the type of visa you are applying for.
For pricing and further assistance, please email us at or contact us via whatsapp through website or you can simply view our contact us page for further information on HOW TO CONTACT US. And an Immigration Assistant from our office will get back to you as soon as possible.
You have to sign the form electronically by selecting the ‘Sign Application’ button at the bottom of the form.

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