Individual Taxes

Starting Your Own Small Business
Helpful strategies for the budding entrepreneur

How do I begin?
First of all, determine whether or not your dreams are realistic. This can be achieved through cash flow projections and forecasts, and by comparing your estimates to industry standards to make sure they are attainable.
What kind of business do I set up?
There are many ways of starting up a business. You may choose to incorporate a company, or to register a partnership or proprietorship. Or, after appraising its worth, you may decide to purchase an existing business or a franchise. All of these options require careful evaluation to help you determine the best choice.
What’s the next step?
Preparing a business plan. It will help you to formulate business goals and objectives, to plan budgets, to forecast and to prepare financing and venture capital proposals. This structure will assist you in achieving financial success.
What do I need to know about taxes?
There are ways to set up your business to the best tax advantage. A consultation with a Certified Public Accountant can provide you with advice on the best possible tax planning for your business.
How do I maintain records?
As simple as possible! It is important that your bookkeeping system records all necessary information but takes as little time as possible. A Certified Public Accountant can recommend a system appropriate to your type and size of business. Staff training or record keeping services may be necessary to ensure your records are well kept.
At  Syed Professional Services, we see small business turn into big business. That’s why your new venture is important to us.
Our expertise will guide you through the initial stages of owning and operating your own business, such as official registration, determining forecasts, establishing a business plan, formulating record keeping requirements, and setting up business and income tax strategies.
If you have a new business or have been thinking about starting up on your own, our advice will be helpful to you. Our services will assist you in organizing and planning at this exciting time, and, ultimately, will aid you in making the right financial decisions for your company.
Syed Professional Services is interested in your business