NADRA & Other Services


Pakistan Passport or US Passport (Self)
Parents CNICs or NICOPs (To apply for children NICOP)
Birth Certificate (To apply for Children NICOP)
Spouse CNIC or NICOP (In case married).
Change of marital status (Marriage certificate is required). (In case of divorce, Divorce certificate).
Modification of name etc. (relevant document required)
Two verifiers’ names and their copies of Pakistan NICOP or Pakistan CNIC and contact numbers. (Verifiers cannot be your parents, children, spouse, sisters and brothers).
Please bring your Credit Card or Debit Card (Mastercard or Visacard) for payment of fee and also inform your bank for international transaction (payment of fee for NICOP will be paid to Bank Alfalah in Pakistan from New York). Payment will be made through NADRA online system to Bank Alfalah in Pakistan.
In case you have already paid fee to NADRA, there will be no additional fee. Consulate will only charge a processing fee.