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Petition for Alien Relatives - Form I-130
A citizen or permanent resident of the United States can file a Petition for Alien Relative, also known as Form I-130, for certain family members who want to immigrate to the United States.
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Processing times vary between 18.5 months to 32.5 months for permanent residents applying for their immediate spouse and unmarried children.

Processing times vary between 9 months to 13 months for U.S. citizens living abroad, applying for their immediate spouse, unmarried children under 21 and parents.
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Application and Eligibility Criteria for Filing Form I-130

1. If you are a U.S. Citizen, you can submit a form I-130 for your eligible relative. You can file for the following:

-) Your Spouse
-) Your Children
-) Your Parents
-) Your Siblings

2. If you are a lawful permanent resident of the United States of America, you can file form I-130 for the following relatives:

-) Your spouse
-) Your unmarried children

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Make your dream of reuniting with family a reality. We can help you get your loved ones to United States by filing Form I-130 quickly so they can join you soon. Get in touch with us today to start the procedure.

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Syed Professional Services help you reunite with your loved ones. Through our guidance, you can submit your I-130 form properly. We will ensure everything is handled properly so you can be reunited with your family soon.

Why Syed Professional Services?

We understand the complications of filing Form I-130 for your family members and can make help you file it properly. Our experienced team can assist you assess your eligibility, provide tailored advice & guide you through the entire process, so you can get the results you want.

There are different stages for filing Form Form I-130. Plus it depends if you are applying from an English speaking country or not. Hiring an immigration agency like Syed Professional Services can help you understand the procedure & complete the necessary documentation for filing. Our team of experienced attorneys will guide you through the whole procedure & will increase your changes of bringing your family members to US.

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